"...a wonderful contingent of tapping and singing chorines, some of whom play brass instruments with precision and verve. Broadway impresario Flo Ziegfeld would be proud. I’ll Say She Is” is an exceptionally entertaining show, and a testament to the wild energy and joy the Marx Brothers brought all of us." - Jewish Standard review of I'll Say She Is


"A delightful romp back to the days of vaudeville...Jennifer Harder displays some virtuosic bugling on trumpet...The chorus sings and dances as an alluring corps of angel-faced bombshells." - BroadwayShowbiz.com review of I'll Say She Is


"The show is conducted by the Ringmaster played by Jennifer Harder, who promises to “…dazzle you and make you uncomfortable” and sure enough she will."
Devon Burton, Off-Off Online review of R Culture


"Jen Harder is mighty goofy...moments that called to mind no less than Jerry Lewis, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a woman go there."
Vaudeville Scholar Trav S. D.'s review of Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen


"The actors are multitalented, with most of them wielding instruments and belting operatically. My personal favorite was the magnetic Jennifer Harder."
Kara Weisenstein, brightestyoungthings.com review of The Pig, or Václav Havel’s Hunt for a Pig


"I need to again praise both Stephen Heskett and Jennifer Harder who are *never bad in anything.* Seriously. I have no idea how they do it, but their inclusion in any show makes it a smash success. Be sure to catch my upcoming stage show, Steve and Jen Read the Phonebook. It’s 3 hours long without intermission, tickets have already almost sold out, and despite the show not even being real – critics are saying it’s on track to win all of the Tonys."
Douglas MacKrell, internetafterdark.com review of the Sex with Robots Festival


"This trio-cum-love triangle do it all. The ensemble of Harder, Heroy, and Layton are entertainers of the first order and are not to be missed."
PJ Grisar, nytheatre.com review of Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen


"The ensemble gets a comedy grand prize, especially Jennifer Harder as the disillusioned but still deluded gameshow hostess."
Adam McGovern, comiccritique.com review of You Blew It!


"I was taken with Jennifer Harder, whose manic energy seemed to channel a young Marilu Henner."
Theresa Buchheister, nytheatre.com review of You Blew It!


"Integral to the production's bewitching charm is trumpeter Jennifer Harder along with... violin and kazoo. Can't quite imagine how that combination of instruments makes music of any eloquence? Well then, you'll just have to go see the show to find out. You'll be happy you did."
Lisa Jo Sagolla, Backstage review of La Strada


"Jennifer Harder gives a stand out performance as Narrator 1... evoking much laughter.”
Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre Is Easy review of Narrator 1


“The versatility of the five actors who make up the cast is remarkable. Jennifer Harder is astonishingly bird-like in her body movements one minute and the next, is a bawdy, Brooklyn stand-up comedienne, the chicken’s alter ego. She’s funny and heartbreaking, riveting us every moment she’s on stage.”
Georgina-Young Ellis, Queens Gazette review of MilkMilkLemonade


“Jennifer Harder portrays shape-shifting bounty hunter Shy with her usual finesse and kick-ass delivery.”
Dana Lang, Off-Off Online review of Song for a Future Generation


“…Jennifer Harder, imperious in spandex.”
Nick Pinkerton, Village Voice review of Song for a Future Generation


“The cast is exquisite... Jennifer Harder is splendid as the wise Linda.”
Martin Denton, nytheatre.com review of MilkMilkLemonade


“The whole cast is great...Jennifer Harder is glamorous and fun as the doomed Linda...
A must-see.”
Duncan Pflaster, BroadwayWorld.com review of MilkMilkLemonade


“Beckwith and Harder's spider scene is not to be missed.”
Jon Sobel, Blogcritics Magazine review of MilkMilkLemonade


“Penny’s inner and outer conflicts are portrayed with sullen perfection by Jennifer Harder, who makes Penny’s dissatisfaction with life enjoyably palpable.”
Dana Lang, Off-Off Online review of The Chalk Boy


“Harder is especially heartbreaking as the tormented Penny, a girl who finds hope only through her fantasies, which tragically seem even more pathetic than her real life.”
Joseph Pisano, EDGE Magazine review of The Chalk Boy


“Jennifer Harder is the standout as Penny.  She has this character nailed, and she is almost constantly invoking laughter, even in Penny's darkest moments.”
Amber Gallery, nytheatre.com review of The Chalk Boy


“Penny Lauder (Jennifer Harder) is perhaps the most complete character in the play… She sees herself as either unlucky, unredeemable, or just plain unlovable, destined to follow in the footsteps of her trailer-trash mother who also had a teen pregnancy.”
Ethan Stanislawski, Blogcritics Magazine review of The Chalk Boy


“At the heart of The Chalk Boy is Jennifer Harder’s Penny, a prematurely weathered young woman who convinces herself she’s in love with a boy who’s gone missing. By imbuing Penny with a soft edge of world-weariness — she’s not so much alienated as she is disappointed — Harder helps keep the production rooted in the specific; the other actors seem to key off her efforts.”
Glen Weldon, Washington City Paper review of The Chalk Boy


“Jennifer Harder gave a wondrous performance as a petulant small town girl”
Bob Anthony, allartsreview4u.com review of The Chalk Boy


“Jennifer Harder is hilarious as Wendy, the pretentious actress who saves her best performances in making men think she’s interested in them, with a vivacious toss of the head and a backwards lift of her left leg.”
Peter Filichia, Star-Ledger review of Aloha, Say The Pretty Girls


“The actors have to dig deep into the bare-bones poetry of the text to find moments that are human, pathetic, and funny… Jennifer Harder has some hilarious moments as Victor and Maria's mother, Malka.”
Nicholas Seely, Off-Off Online review of This Jungle of Cities

I'll Say She Is New York Times